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"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind" - Mahatma Gandhi

"Ignorance is always afraid of change" - Jawaharlal Nehru


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Welcome to sheombar.NET

Welcome to our family website. You can use the navigation buttons on the left, to browse through the pages. Here you will find information about me and my family, cool stuff (like photographs from my country, Suriname) and useful links.
You can also visit the restricted areas provided that you are one of the few who know the key to unlock certain areas on this website.
The site is continuously updated. Feel free to navigate and if you have comments, suggestions etc please contact me. Also, if you like the content of this site, I would be more than happy to know about it.

The author

sheombar.NET is founded and maintained by Dollia Sheombar.
I'm living in the south of the Netherlands in a city near Rotterdam.
After finishing my Information Technology education at HTS Rotterdam, i started to work in the Information Technology sector in 1987.
Since 1996 my primary focus has been Server Based Computing using primarily Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Novell technologies. I'm working as a freelance engineer and consultant for Sheombar ICT Consultancy, a SBC specialist company founded in the Netherlands, on several projects with commercial companies and governments.

Well... I'm not much of a designer but i do love designing web pages. First i started learning XHTML and later CSS. At the moment i am busy mastering PHP. Hence, though i don't have a formal training in web-designing, i can design web pages fairly well.